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Pre-employment Screening Evaluations


BCI - Criminal Reports for Background Checks


Motor Vehicle & Registry Checks


Debt Collection & Skip Tracing


Business Reports

MANAGE RISKS – Increase Your Profitability

We specialize in a wide spectrum of critical services, including Pre-employment Checks, Criminal Background Reports, Motor Vehicle Registry Checks, Analysys, and Business Reports. We are dedicated to delivering accurate information that enables better decision-making


Introducing The Credit Source, Inc. – Your Source for Timely, Comprehensive, and Insightful Reports.

Our services grant you access to the latest, in-depth reports sourced. These reports are essential in effectively managing risks and minimizing potential losses. Delving into an individual’s character, they reveal how well obligations are met and managed. Consider this a small investment in information that will generate substantial returns, reducing delinquency and enhancing overall profitability.

This investment pales in comparison to the invaluable insights that impact sound decision-making. Count on The Credit Source, Inc. to seamlessly equip you with the knowledge, expertise, and solutions you require.

Discover the apex of “AFFORDABLE SECURITY” – the definitive solution you are seeking.

Our Services

In an interconnected world, the demand for reliable screening services is pivotal. Whether for prudent hiring, or risk reduction, TCSI offers essential insights. Trust us to provide accurate risk screenings, evaluations, and background checks that establish a foundation of confidence and security in today’s complex decisions.

Pre-employment Screening

Background criminal investigations-(BCI), professional license verifications, motor vehicle and driving reports and more to provide a comprehensive insight into your prospective employee’s character, qualifications and history

Credit Analysis

Consultation into the understanding and analysis of all reports

Business Reports

Commercial reports providing information on a company’s history, debt analysis, trade history, assets, ownership, bank relationships

At TCSI - The Credit Source, Inc., we provide unique, relevant, and insightful reports to help you effectively manage risks. Our screening solutions include Tenant Screening Management, Pre-employment Screening Evaluations, BCI - Criminal Reports for Background Checks, Motor Vehicle Registry Checks, Debt Collection, and Skip Tracing. With expertise across various industries such as Housing Agencies, Auto Dealers, and Law Enforcement, we enable better decision-making for a safer and more informed future. Trust TCSI to be your ultimate source for up-to-date reports that enhance profitability, risk management and ensure success.


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