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Avoid the Risks of an Uninformed Decision

Providing reliable information and analyses in support of your risk management process is our primary goal.
Ken Keegler, co-founder and principal of The Credit Source, Inc., is highly respected in the financial services and credit industries. With over 30 years of experience in lending, banking, retailing and direct marketing, his background in credit management, operations, and collections makes him uniquely qualified to help minimize your risks and maximize your return. TCSI is eager to provide expertise and resources to your information gathering, research and decision making process.

At TCSI, we call the result of this process ‘prudent investment’. TCSI works with you to provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis of all investigative reports network of local and national information providers. Your investment in this information will yield, managed risk, reduced delinquency, emphasis on quality, and increased income reduced loses. Let TCSI be your link to a vast network of information providers.

You will be able to take an in-depth look at the ‘character’ of your customers, clients, and employees and how well they live up to their obligations and reputation you respect. The “six C’s of Credit,” Character, Capacity, Collateral, Capital, Conditions and Credit Score, when taken separately or combined, builds a factual picture of someone’s willingness and capacity to meet their commitments. TCSI strives to provide the needed information you require to identify reliable and qualified customers, clients and employees who wisely exercise the privilege of a reputable character.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the reliability of information and a high level of service, resulting in your peace of mind. We are certain that after you experience our unique approach to delivering quality information service, and value, you will be convinced. Call us today for guaranteed personal, prompt and professional service. We are absolutely confident you will be glad you did.

The Credit Source, Inc. Represents Your Best Choice!

In Memory of My Dear Friend, Charlie

Charles K. Phalen co-founded The Credit Source, Inc. Charlie was truly respected in the banking community and financial industry. As one of the pioneers in developing the national MasterCard and Visa credit card program, Charlie was looking forward to the entrepreneurial journey with TCSI ahead of him. He passed away shortly after the creation of TCSI. His memory, integrity and friendship will always be a part of the company he helped create.

At TCSI - The Credit Source, Inc., we provide unique, relevant, and insightful reports to help you effectively manage risks. Our screening solutions include Tenant Screening Management, Pre-employment Screening Evaluations, BCI - Criminal Reports for Background Checks, Motor Vehicle Registry Checks, Debt Collection, and Skip Tracing. With expertise across various industries such as Housing Agencies, Auto Dealers, and Law Enforcement, we enable better decision-making for a safer and more informed future. Trust TCSI to be your ultimate source for up-to-date reports that enhance profitability, risk management and ensure success.


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